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First Half 2023 results of automotive production in Mexico

Jul 6, 2023 | Sorteadora de Calidad

Embark on an enlightening exploration of Mexico’s thriving automotive companies, where excellence prevails. In this blog, you’ll know the impressive First Half 2023 automotive production in Mexico statistics.

Automotive production in Mexico: Central Zone

From January to May 2023, STELLANTIS produced an impressive 61,925 vehicles, while Ford contributed 38,238 vehicles and Audi reached a remarkable 79,429 vehicles.  In Puebla, Audi and Volkswagen led the charge, with a combined production total of 79,429 and 118,589 vehicles respectively.  Notably, NISSAN CIVAC in Morelos and JAC in Hidalgo made their mark, delivering 35,888 and 8,769 vehicles respectively.  These statistics highlight the Central Zone’s pivotal role, culminating in a total production of 337,838 vehicles.

Mexico’s automotive industry: Bajio Zone

Witness the impressive production statistics in Guanajuato, where General Motors, Mazda, Toyota, and Honda achieved a combined production total of 333,842 vehicles.  Traverse to Aguascalientes, where Nissan’s manufacturing plants in Mexico A1 and A2, alongside COMPAS, yielded a remarkable state production of 235,849 vehicles.  San Luis Potosí emerged as another key state in this zone, with BMW and General Motors spearheading Mexico’s automotive industry, reaching an impressive production total of 731,142 vehicles.

Automotive plants in Mexico: Northern Zone

In Nuevo León, KIA emerged as a standout player, achieving a remarkable state production of 106,000 vehicles.  Coahuila showcased its manufacturing prowess with General Motors and STELLANTIS, delivering a combined production total of 210,978 vehicles.  Sonora and Baja California played their part, with Ford and Toyota leading the charge in each state, resulting in a combined production total of 111,429 and 63,541 vehicles respectively.  The Northern Zone’s cumulative efforts culminated in a regional production of 491,948 vehicles.

Top Three Mexican automotive manufacturers

General Motors in San Luis Potosí stands tall as the unrivaled leader, with a remarkable capacity utilization of 102% and an installed capacity of 280,000 vehicles.  Close behind is STELLANTIS in Saltillo, Coahuila, showcasing an impressive capacity utilization of 94.80% and an installed capacity of 90,000 vehicles.  Toyota’s exceptional performance also deserves recognition, boasting a capacity utilization of 91.86% and an installed capacity of 166,000 vehicles.  Nationally, Mexico’s automotive companies display a solid capacity utilization of 67.72% out of an impressive installed capacity of 5,486,928 vehicles.  

Mexican automotive supply chain: National Statistics

These compelling statistics illuminate Mexico’s unrivaled prowess in automotive production, positioning it as a regional powerhouse and a formidable player on the global stage.  The First Half 2023 results reveal a total production of 1,560,928 vehicles, showcasing Mexico’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in driving economic growth.

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