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Why do manufacturing companies use rework services?

Abr 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Rework services rework services fix quality, assembly, or packaging failures. The main objective of a rework company is to correct non-conformities of the client requirements. 

Rework occurs in most of the production lines in the industry; no one is exempt from making mistakes. Therefore, having the support of quality sorting services will help you measure these incidents and reduce them.

So, in what cases manufacturing industries need to use rework services? Let’s know more about it. 


Rework in manufacturing, why should we consider it?

The purpose of rework is to fix faults and defects in quality requirements of lots of parts. In manufacturing industries –even the ones of nearshoring– many factors could take to need rework services. 

Although rework is generally seen as a waste of resources, it can be a quick and effective way to correct non-conformities. For that reason, rework companies are always ready to enter your production and fix the problems in your products. 

Rework is specialized in industries like: manufacturing, auto parts, electronic and metalworking. With the help of a rework company, these industries can avoid fines and complaints from their customers for non-compliance.

So, in what cases manufacturing companies use rework services? Keep reading to know it!

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Rework services in manufacturing: 3 reasons

Many are the reasons why manufacturing industries use rework services, let’s know three common scenarios. 


1- Correct appearance mistakes

Appearance errors can be: incorrect color, scratches, cracks, cleaning, excessive shine, among others. This type of failure can happen due to different factors; whatever it is, it’s important to correct them quickly.

A rework company may come onto your production line to provide a quick fix to appearance mistakes, especially when you have little time to solve them.


2- Reduce scrap costs

Scrap is a cost and can be very high when there are many batches with defective parts. For this reason, rework services have the function of «saving» as much scrap as possible so that parts become functional according to the client’s requirements.

Also, rework can help find the root cause of quality issues.


3- Avoid customer complaints

Every company must meet the requirements of its customers -especially if we are talking about nearshoring outsourcing– because the correct shipment of parts will keep the supply chains working correctly.

In this way, when a production failure needs to be resolved quickly, rework can prevent additional costs and maintain a positive image with customers.

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