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What are the causes that cause rework in products?

Abr 4, 2023 | Quality Control, Rework

When we hear the term «rework», we usually associate it with wastes, non-conformities, and mistakes in the products of manufacturing industries. However, rework services can often be the fastest way to solve batch problems. 

Rework companies aim to reduce and control failures in the production process of a product. Therefore, it is crucial to have a supplier of quality sorting services, especially if you’re a nearshoring company. 

Let’s dive deeper into rework in manufacturing and its main causes.

Rework: an unwanted necessity

Rework in manufacturing is a critical management issue for process industries, for a variety of reasons. Despite considerable published research on planning and control of rework, it is still essential in certain manufacturing scenarios.

Rework is considered a quality waste; however, in some processes, zero rework is impractical or undesirable. Rework companies, like quality sorting companies, are equipped to solve non-conformities issues in different products.

The management of non-conformities by rework companies includes specialized control plans in industries. Therefore, we can conclude that many quality problems are solved thanks to rework services.  

Main causes of rework

There are many cases that cause a rework in the products of manufacturing industries. These are three circumstances where you may need the help of a rework company:

1- Human mistakes

The human factor is never free from making mistakes. Errors caused by people end up in product non-conformities due to a lack of concentration, misunderstood instructions, lack of clarity in the production process, among others. 

In many instances, it is faster, easier, and cheaper to rework non-conforming parts instead of producing a new batch.

2 Machine failures

Machines can also fail due to bad programming, lack of maintenance, or bad calibration. This will affect the products, generating certain failures that can be quickly resolved by a rework company.

3- Changes in requirements

When the production of a batch has already started and the client has changed some requirements, it may be more expensive to scrap the started pieces to begin a new production. 

Companies consider rework services as a solution when such cases occur. 

Now you know more about the rework cases, do you need to availthis service? Come with us!

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