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Rework in manufacturing, what is their purpose?

Abr 4, 2023 | Quality Control, Rework

Looking for a rework company is often seen as an unpopular option. Manufacturing industries are not pleased to spend resources on fixing bad production. However, in most cases, rework services are the better option to reduce scrap and save money.  Rework refers to the effort put in to make corrections in non-conforming products.Rework can be done during or after inspection and is an additional cost to the organization. Therefore, it’s important to know in what cases manufacturing industries –especially the ones in nearshoring- need the help of rework companies. Let’s know more about rework services.

What is rework?

Rework commonly refers to the “reconfiguration” of non-conforming products. This process usually is done when the product is finished; in some special cases, during the manufacturing process.  Rework in manufacturing includes activities like: 
  • Disassembly.
  • Part replacement.
  • Cleaning.
  • Reassembly.
Although rework is considered a waste of lean manufacturing, it is used daily due to the economic benefits of correcting and reincorporated components that are later reincorporated into the production lines.

Rework in manufacturing

When a company arrives in Mexico thanks to nearshore outsourcing, it may need the support of a rework company.  This doesn’t mean that foreign companies will have mistakes in their production; rework is a non-conformity management method that companies use when they need a fast solution.  Manufacturing companies usually prefer rework services in cases like the following: 
  • A product component needs to be replaced: If your product has a part that needs to be replaced, rework companies –like quality sorting services- can do this job.
  • A product labeling is inaccurate: When your product packaging is fine, but the labels on the outside are wrong, they need to be replaced, and this is a rework.
  • No time to produce a new lot: Sometimes, when a production lot is completely wrong –for whatever the reason-companies opt for rework services for saving time and no waste in scrap.
Rework is considered a wasteful endeavor, yes; however, in some specific processes, zero rework is impractical or undesirable.  Is your company looking for quality sorting services like rework for their installation in Mexico? We are the solution!

A&T supports rework services

A&T is a Quality Sorting company associated with importers (OEM) and TIER manufacturers (suppliers) from around the world dedicated to securing, managing and optimizing their global supply chain in Mexico and the USA. We can support you in services like rework, contentions CSL1 and CSL2, final product audit, and many others! Contact us to know more!  Remember to follow us in our social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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