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6 benefits of rework in your company

Abr 4, 2023 | Quality Control, Rework

When at the end of a manufacturing process the product doesn’t turn out as designed, it will be necessary to devote time to make the product conform to the specification. This is rework

Most of the manufacturing industry encounter scenarios in which their production lines generate flawed items. No one is exempt from making mistakes in industry; in some cases, rework services can solve these problems more quickly and at a lower cost. 

Learn more about rework in manufacturing below.


When companies need to look for rework companies?

Each material or componentcould go wrong and have consequences. This can be avoided, but in some cases, a rework company is the faster solution. 

Often, reworking solutions supply nearshoring companies to attend to their needs of non-conforming products. Why? For example:

A company that lands in Mexico –thanks to nearshoring outsourcing– is manufacturing and packing certain products and for a mistake all the lot are with non-conformities; as if that were not enough, the batch has to be sent to the US as soon as possible.

Sounds complicated, isn’t it? In these cases, a faster solution is to acquire the supply of a rework company to solve the non-conformities. 

With this in mind, let’s learn more about rework in manufacturing, and how it can help companies. 

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Six benefits of rework

Despite rework being considered a waste in lean manufacturing, their application in certain cases can bring benefits to the manufacturing industries


1- Saves money long term

Rework companies enter the manufacturing process in emergencies, where it is necessary to fix the defective batch as soon as possible.

Despite the cost that this means at the time; In the long term, it will represent savings by not having fallen into default with any client.


2- Keeps work going

There are processes that force companies to include rework during the production process; Whether it’s cleaning, disassembly, or on-site corrections, a quality sorting company can help with these reworks.


3- Reduces employee downtime

When a rework company enters your company, downtime is reduced because more employees are working on resolving  the non-conformities. 


4- Eliminates return shipping costs

There is nothing worse than sending an order in poor condition. This will be rejected by your client and will generate a higher expense by absorbing the costs of shipment. And not to mention the reputation that your company will have after that incident.

For this reason, rework is the quick solution to fix a batch of parts when they have to be sent as soon as possible.


5- Avoids interruptions to production flow

When there is foreknowledge that rework will be necessary  at the end of production, rework companies are ready to jump in and make the necessary solutions without having to stop the production line.


6- Avoids potential penalties

Avoid potential fines! We know there are situations where a batch of parts has to be shipped quickly, so if parts are damaged, rework is the easiest and fastest option to meet your customer’s needs.


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